Civil Litigation - Injury

This is an area of law that unfortunately gives the profession a bad name, in part because it has been over-advertised with bad slogans promising money and an attorney who will “fight for you.” I believe in the American tort system, which compensates innocent people who are hurt because of the carelessness of others. Fair is fair. Therefore, I represent people who are seriously hurt as a result of an automobile accident. If you are this person, please give me a call. I have gotten some decent settlements for clients. However, if you are looking for a windfall because you slipped and fell on some wet pavement at a grocery store, then please call someone else.


No fee for initial consultation. If you have suffered serious injury in a car accident and if I take your case, my fee for services will be on a contingency basis of 1/3 of the total recovery if we settle before trial. If we are forced to try the case in front of a jury, then my fee is 38% of the total recovery.