Unemployment Compensation

Unemployment Compensation: If you have lost your job through no fault of your own, you may be eligible to receive unemployment compensation. In Pennsylvania, the employer has the burden to prove that an employee’s discharge was for an act of “willful misconduct.” If you apply for unemployment, you may be forced to go to a hearing in front of a referee (an unemployment compensation hearing officer). Having an attorney represent you at an unemployment hearing can make a big difference. Sometimes, employers fire their workers because there was an accident at work (which is not willful misconduct) or because the employer is looking to cut back on costs. These employers then invent reasons to prevent a fired employee from getting unemployment comp. If you have truly been ripped off by your employer, I will advocate strongly for you at the hearing.


Free initial in person office consultation. $350.00 Flat Fee for representation at a hearing before a referee at 625 Cherry Street in the City of Reading. Different fee structures apply for appeals, depending on the complexity of the issue. Also, different fee structures apply for representation at unemployment hearings in counties outside of Berks County.