DUI Law - 75 Pa.C.S. 3802


If you have been arrested for Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol in Berks County and it is your first offense, you are likely eligible for entry into the Accelerated Rehabilitative Disposition ("ARD") program. The benefits of this program are that it keeps you out of jail and it reduces the amount of time your driver's license is suspended. If you successfully complete the program, your record is expunged. Contrary to popular belief, this isn't a hard hitting Clarence Darrow style of defense where I yell "objection" and slam my fist on the table. Rather, this representation involves guiding you through the program and doing everything I can to make sure that you successfully complete it.


If you have been arrested for DUI and it is NOT your first offense, then there are other programs available in Berks County to reduce the amount of jail time.


If the police initiated a stop of your vehicle and if that stop was unlawful, then you might be able to get the evidence suppressed and the charges thrown out. Several years ago, I was a law clerk for a judge in Berks County when that judge heard all of the DUI cases in this county. Therefore, I have a good command of the issues regarding an unlawful stop and/or arrest.


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For representation for a DUI where application is made for ARD, I currently charge $1,000.00 if the arrest occurred in Berks County. If you are not ARD eligible or if you wish to fight the charge, then different fee structures apply.